LEAD Spring Training Camp

Take part in our highly-effective training clinics where we’ll focus intensely on developing future leaders through tried and true techniques.

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What You Get

  • Defensive Skill Development
  • NCAA College Readiness Workshop
  • Leadership Workshops

This Spring 2022 camp will be a unique collaboration with our LEAD  Athletics and LEAD Academy program. Through the Lead Athletics program, your child will learn to develop an Elite defender mindset by applying speed, agility, and a competitive mindset to their sport. Through the Lead Academy program, your child will gain leadership skills through workshops and, if in the older age group, will gain more information on the college readiness process as a student-athlete. 

The total cost of the entire camp that will comprise both the Lead Athletics and the Lead Academy offerings is $450 and will be split up into three payment installments of $150

(Breakdown of payments)

  • Payment #1-$150 (Down Payment at sign up)
  • Payment #2-$150 (April 15th)
  • Payment #3-$150 (May 15th)
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    Elite Defender Defensive Skill Development

    Students will be able to:

    • Develop an elite defensive mindset
    • Skill/Big Skill (CB,S,OLB)
    • Increase Defensive IQ

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    NCAA College Readiness Workshops

    Students will be able to:

    • Learn how to navigate the college recruiting process
    • Learn up to date NCAA Clearinghouse support
    • Highlight film Consultation

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    Leadership Workshops The L.E.A.D. Academy Presents: A.L.L. IN Leaders Program Spring 2022

    This Spring, L.E.A.D. Academy student-athletes will have the opportunity to participate in a five-week leadership development program, A.L.L. IN Leaders. Facilitated by L.E.A.D. NYC founder, Jeremiah Brown, and A.L.L. IN founder, Joe Baratta, the program will provide the skills necessary for creating transformational leaders.

    Student-athletes will be guided through the process of S.M.A.R.T. Goal-Setting, the development of a Growth Mindset, and the steps to become a Triple Threat student-athlete, one who is a trustworthy teammate, a fierce yet fair competitor, and a courageous leader.

    A.L.L. IN L.E.A.D.ERS is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring. They will use their playing experiences to set direction, build vision, and create something new.

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