Navigating the College Recruiting Process:
From Uninformed to Informed
Empowering Your Student Athlete for a Bright Future
Are you a parent with a young athlete dreaming of college and athletic success? You're in the right place.
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Discover the Path to Success
 Our program is your roadmap to success in both academics and athletics. We're here to empower your child with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to excel. With guidance from our lead facilitators, including Jeremiah Brown, a Division One athlete and NFL Safety, we provide tools to unlock scholarship opportunities and secure a bright future. 
What to Expect:
Week 1: Overview and Expectations
  • Understanding the program structure and expectations.
  • Realizing that your child is more than just an athlete.

Week 2: Highlight Film, Athletic Resume, and Communicating with Coaches
  • Creating a compelling highlight film and athletic resume.
  • Developing effective communication skills with college coaches.

Week 3: Understanding College Costs and Athletic Divisions and Scholarships
  • Grasping the financial aspects of college.
  • Exploring the different athletic divisions and scholarship types.

Week 4: Offers, Verbal Commitments, and Signing
  • Navigating the process of receiving offers and making verbal commitments.
  • Understanding the steps involved in the signing process.

Week 5: Camps, Clinics, and Junior Day Invites
  • Embracing the significance of attending camps, clinics, and junior day invites.
  • Making the most of these opportunities in the recruitment process.

Week 6: NCAA Eligibility and the Impact of the Transfer Portal and NIL
  • Learning about NCAA eligibility requirements.
  • Understanding the implications of the Transfer Portal and the impact of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) on college recruitment.

Week 7: Discovering Your College Fit
  • Evaluating academic and athletic preferences.
  • Exploring different college settings and sizes, considering factors like majors, academic support, and extracurriculars.

Expected Outcomes:
By the end of this program, your child will:
Have a clear understanding of the college recruitment process.
Possess the skills to create impressive highlight films and resumes.
Know how to effectively communicate with college coaches.
Be aware of different athletic divisions and scholarship opportunities.
Understand NCAA eligibility and the implications of the Transfer Portal and NIL.
Be equipped to find their ideal college fit based on academic and athletic aspirations.
Invest in Their Future
Your child's dreams are invaluable, and investing in this program is an investment in their future. For just $197, you can provide them with the knowledge and guidance needed to succeed in both academics and athletics.
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 Meet Our Lead Facilitator: Jeremiah Brown 
Jeremiah Brown is a Division One athlete and a former NFL Safety. With his expertise and experience, he's dedicated to helping young athletes like yours achieve their goals. His insights and guidance are invaluable on this journey.
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Leadership Coach
Former Division 1 Athlete, NFL Pro
Let's Empower Their Future
Join us in this transformative journey to empower your child for a successful college and athletic career.
Improved time management skills
Enhanced academic success
Better mental health
Improved athletic performance
Career readiness
Personal growth and development
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the 7-week coaching program for high school seniors transitioning into college:
Q: What is the time commitment for this program?
A: The 7 week online NCAA coaching program requires about 1-2 hours per week of your time. Each week  has pre-recorded video lessons and activities that you can access on your own schedule. We estimate you'll need 60-90 minutes to watch the weekly videos and 30-60 minutes for the activities.
Q: Is there live coaching or is everything pre-recorded?
A: This program consists of pre-recorded video lessons that you can watch on your own schedule. All lessons are led by experienced facilitators. While there are no live coaching calls, you will have email access to the facilitators for any questions.
Q: Can both parents participate together?
A: Yes, absolutely! We encourage both parents to go through the program together if possible. All program content and materials can be easily accessed by two parents at the same time. The weekly lessons and activities are great opportunities for parents to learn and discuss together.
Q: What happens after completing the 7 weeks?
A: After completing the program, you will have lifetime access to all the video lessons and materials. We also provide graduation certificates upon completion. Additionally, you'll get automated email tips and reminders tailored to your child's specific recruiting stage to help you stay on track after finishing the course. Our goal is to provide you with lasting value and support.
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